Ever since the business was taken over by the Swedish shareholder Oresa Ventures, the management of Fabryo Corporation takes focused action, investing millions of Euros a year in implementing an integrated long-term business strategy, through sustainable development. This development policy has been the basis for turning the company around and represents the driver for excellence in operation, the main objective for every employee of the organisation.

For Fabryo Corporation , sustainable development means adopting strategies and activities that solves the needs of the organization and stakeholders and protect , maintain and enhance natural and human resources of the company will need in the future.

We present a range of information relating to the goods of great importance in our lives everyday . Each product , even commonplace , is behind consumption of resources , which are sometimes used inefficiently. Economic inefficiency means additional energy and money wasted and leads to increased pressure on limited natural resources . In order to keep as long as these resources would be ideal to consume rationally , as needed . It is also good to try to prolong the life of goods and recycle waste . If local authorities do not allow recycling , we can reduce the consumption of products , reuse the ones they already own or directing us to other kinds of goods.