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AplaTencoPlast structured decorative plaster


AplaTencoPlast is an elastic decorative plaster for exterior and interior use, available in three different textures: Rice - 2 mm, Fine Rice – 1.5 mm and Fine Shell - 2 mm and in 450 tints that can be obtained using the AplaColorSelect tinting system.

The Fine Shell – 2 mm texture is additionally available in 14 standard colours.


Finishing of cement, mortar, concrete, brick, prefabricated concrete, plasterboard, stone and prefabricated wood board surfaces, as well as thermal insulation systems.

  • Excellent weather-resistance in all conditions (strong sunlight, rain, frost, etc)
  • High elasticity. Full coverage of pores and micro-cracks
  • Highly resistant to shock, vibrations or abrasive objects
  • Excellent adherence and resistance to alkaline surfaces
  • High coverage and efficiency
  • Excellent stability under exposure to light, with no alteration of the original tint
  • Good workability, non-drip and non-drop



Recommended application coats



2.5-3.3 kg/m2, on suitably pre-prepared surfaces

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