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AplaSoclu mosaic-effect decorative plaster


AplaSoclu is a mosaic-effect decorative plaster for exterior and interior use, of grain size 1.2-1.8 mm, available in 12 standard colours.

AplaSoclu protects and decorates buildings and may be associated with the AplaWallTherm system, which also provides high insulation capacity.


Protection and decorative finishing of mineral surfaces of cement, mortar, concrete, brick, prefabricated concrete, plasterboard, stone and prefabricated wood boards, as well as heat insulation systems.

  • Excellent weather-resistance (to strong sunlight, rain, frost, etc)
  • High elasticity Fully covers pores and micro-cracks
  • Highly resistant to shock, vibrations or abrasive objects
  • Excellent adherence and resistance on alkaline surfaces
  • High coverage and efficiency
  • Good workability, non-drip and non-drop



Data Sheet

  • For details about this product please see the data sheet.
Recommended application coats



3.4 – 4 kg/m2, depending on the nature of the support onto which it is applied

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