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AplaHydroStop water based “cold application” bituminous primer


AplaHydroStop is a product consisting of bitumen-based materials, resins, mineral stabilisers and elastomers. It is noted that, simultaneous use of a well mixed special bitumen-based emulsion consisting of AplaHydroStop + cement + sand in a 2 + 1 + 3 proportion, will form a waterproofing plastification mortar. The compound may be applied as a 2-3 cm coat, on concrete, brick and wood.


Primer for waterproofing substrates, flooring, slanted roofs and various repairs, applicable on concrete, brick, wood.

  • Short drying time
  • High adherence to the support layer



Recommended application coats



0.8-4 kg/m2, depending on the type of surface on which it is applied- vertical, horizontal, circulated or non-circulated terrace

Available packaging

10Kg 18Kg