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super-glossy enamel, for exterior and interior use, with Teflon®


Due to the innovative technology, savana super-glossy enamel with Teflon® additive ensures unique performance: resistance to staining and dirt, lasting colour and outstanding gloss.

With savana super-glossy enamel with Teflon®, painted surfaces are always shiny as on the first day!

Colour range: polar white, cream, ochre, red, burgundy, brown, chestnut, spring green, grey, black

Teflon® is a DuPont registered trade mark, used under license by Fabryo Corporation.



Protection and decoration of metal structures, wood or masonry surfaces. May be used in exterior and interior applications.

  • Product with the Teflon® additive:
    - Higher resistance to staining and dirt
    - Higher weather and wear-resistance
    - Lasting colours





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Recommended application coats



14-16 sqm/L/coat (depending on applying conditions and method, shape, size and profile of the surface)

Available packaging

0,75L 2,5L