INNENWEISS is a dedicated washable paints brand washable. The word is German in origin and translates as "interior white". The brand name suggests the quality of German products, as well as German professionalism and discipline, qualities shared by the Fabryo Corporation researchers who created this brand.


INNENWEISS came out from the desire to offer the consumers a smart choice of product, through an exceptional value for money. Our ambition was fulfilled, with INNENWEISS becoming the best sold product in its price range (according to the MEMRB retail-audit studies).

In 2011, INNENWEISS brought a packaging innovation onto the Romanian market: the 15L bucket now has a grill included, making work easier and saving money. Easy to use, the grill lid helps remove excess paint directly into the bucket, thus avoiding the need to buy a separate grill;

In the same year we launched INNENWEISS ANTIBACTERIAN - an anti-bacterial washable paint, the ideal solution for quick and long term cleaning of schools, hospitals, etc. Its strong antibacterial effect was assessed using German and Japanese methods and has been certified by the National Commission for Biocide Products of the Health Ministry under Endorsement No. 2142BIO/02/05.14.

The INNENWEISS brand products guarantee to the consumers and professional decorators: good quality for a reasonable price!

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