Leader in colour and innovation, savana tells the story of the most successful brand on the decorative paints market in Romania. Launched in 2003, savana is now one of the most successful brands in the decorative products market in Romania. savana is positioned in the premium segment, due to the remarkable quality of the products developed under this brand.


A long term partnership was signed in 2006 with DuPont, the world leading manufacturer of white pigment for paints, paper and plastic, which helped launch the savana with Teflon® surface protector range, a unique innovation on the East-European paint market.

Apart from its undeniable quality, the savana range also benefits of a very good awareness, although a relative newcomer on this market. Studies on final consumers and professionals have pointed out the young, dynamic, modern and innovative nature of the brand.

The savana range includes several categories of products - washable paints, wood and metal enamels, wood lacquer, decorative plasters, specialized solutions, etc. - and the design elements used in the packaging help differentiate these categories better on the shelf and easily distinguish the products containing Teflon.

savana is a young and innovative brand, providing products with unique benefits (under the partnership with Dupont, but not only) and is now one of the best known and respected brands on the market, the driver of company growth.

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