About Us

In 1994 Guzu Chim Prod Com SRL was established as a company. In 2006, the Swedish investment fund Oresa Ventures bought 49% of the shares of Guzu Chim and started the Company re-branding process under the name of Fabryo Corporation.

Fabryo comes from faber, i.e. craftsman, creator and speaks about the talentskill and passion we put into developming our business and the business of our partners. The visual identity is represented by a hexagon symbolizing force, stability and perseverance, but also team cohesion, as in a bee hive. In February 2009, Oresa Ventures became sole shareholder of the company and thus started the process of continuous transformation of our organisation from a local entrepreneur venture into a young, flexible and competitive company. Form ranking 3rd (in 2007), Fabryo Corporation became a market leader in 2009, in the decorative paints and lacquers industry in Romania, with a clean, diverse portfolio, worthy of a "paint creator"! Following an investment of over 20 million EUR, implemented since 2006, the company owns the biggest decorative paints and lacquersproduction plant in South-Eastern Europe, covering 50,000 m2, with an output capacity of 250 t /day and more than 250 employees.

Fabryo Corporation is a trail blazer. The Company initiated the first integrated colour campaign in Romania, developed the only franchise network in the DIY segment, renovis, and created the first Do-it-Yourself campaign to educate the final consumer.